columbusart.com was launched Aug.31, 1999. In just a few years, columbusart.com has become Central Ohio's #1 online arts directory, featuring over 1,300 local art, music and performance websites on more than 200 topic-specific pages.
Janis Hott A local Realtor and artist, always a big believer in and frequent user of the site purchased columbusart.com from Paul Volker in 2006 and is the current web master. She is dedicated to keeping the site current and dynamic. If you are interested in helping out and would like to have a nice addition to your resume email us! (See below)
over 1300 websites
over 200 pages
getting the arts online the goal
...has been to encourage artists to use the internet as a remarkable tool for the promotion of the arts in Central Ohio. The internet is inexpensive or free to access. Creating a great website has never been easier and anyone can launch a presence on the world-wide web in a matter of minutes.
inclusive...not exclusive
columbusart.com supports a more open definition of "art" which recognizes the increasingly diverse nature of creativity itself. Everything from performance art to tattoos, and even web-design for the sake of web-design gets featured as evidence of Central Ohio's thriving arts community. Area radio and television websites are featured because they too shape the cultural climate of our community. By being inclusive, rather than exclusive, columbusart.com offers a more complete picture of the arts in Central Ohio including Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, Licking, Pickaway, Madison & Union Counties.
  "three clicks or less"
One of the least-used features of columbusart.com is the search box. Some users suggested including one, so there is one, powered by Google. In fact, columbusart.com is designed with the search results already catagorized. All featured websites open in new windows. columbusart.com intentionally avoids using complicated programming scripts, choosing to use mainly basic HTML as an example to new users eager to try web-design.
is columbusart.com the same as "Columbus Arts"?
...This is frequently a point of confusion. www.columbusart.com (this website) was launched Aug.31, 1999 by Columbus artist Paul Volker.

Seven months later (April 7, 2000), with a half a million dollars* from the City of Columbus, the Greater Columbus Arts Council started www.columbusarts.com.

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